Student Wellbeing

At the heart of our school is our commitment to each student’s wellbeing.

We understand that the wellbeing of each individual is intrinsically linked to their personal and academic success. 

At St Bernard’s Parish Primary School, we provide a community empowering all of its members, (students and their families, staff & parish members) to reach their full potential. To achieve this we strive to provide an environment that fosters the Gospel values of mutual respect, dignity and self worth.


St Bernard’s Parish Primary School adopts Restorative Practices as our way of relating to each other.

The aim of Restorative Practice is to restore right relationships and bring about healing after some hurt or harm has been done to another or others. It has, at its heart, the key Gospel values of reconciliation, responsibility, reintegration and resolution of conflict. Restorative Practice offers processes that can help all students learn to understand and deal with their own emotions in ways that build stronger relationships.

Restorative Practice includes the following four key elements:

By incorporating these key elements in the process of Restorative Practice the students build a powerful basis for experiencing and building healthy dialogue with each other.

The Wellbeing of our students is fostered through, but not limited to;