Learning & Teaching

As a Catholic school, St. Bernard's Parish Primary School follows through its Learning and Teaching philosophies, the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. The staff are committed to the development of the whole person; spiritually, socially, academically, emotionally and physically.

The St Bernard’s community, parish and school, work in partnership to promote a collaborative approach to achieving academic goals. This is explored through a variety of channels including the Education Framework for the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools, Horizons of Hope document.

At the very heart of our school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across all learning domains. Our students are supported to grow and embrace their life journey that is enlightened by faith, love and hope.

We aim to foster curiosity through critical and creative thinking to support our students as lifelong learners.


At St Bernard’s Parish Primary School, we strive for all students to have daily literacy experiences, which aim to develop each student’s love of reading, writing, language and discussion. Through a variety of contemporary teaching and learning strategies, students explore how to use the literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and language to think critically and strategically.

Literacy is delivered in meaningful contexts, individually and collaboratively across all curriculum areas. This allows time for authentic reading, writing and speaking and listening opportunities, whilst creating an environment where all individuals have the knowledge, skills and opportunities needed to flourish in wider society.

As a school we are committed to delivering purposeful literacy experiences where learning is scaffolded and risk taking is encouraged. Students have the opportunities to practise and refine multiple skills at once whilst creating real life connections to deepen their understanding. A variety of different resources are carefully chosen by teachers to stimulate thinking and promote engagement. Ongoing professional learning is a priority to increase teacher capacity, knowledge of content and pedagogy, which adds to student outcomes.

Ongoing monitoring and assessment of student’s individual literacy progress is used to inform our teaching and to guide the next stage of learning. Through differentiated learning opportunities, students are able to participate and engage in learning based on their point of need. Personalised learning plans (PLPs) and intervention opportunities are available for students who have been identified as needing additional support.

Students who come from a language background other than English are supported in their acquisition of English literacy skills. Teachers follow the EAL ( English as an Additional Language) Continuum to ascertain and target the exact language needs of each particular student.


At St Bernard’s Parish Primary School, we aim to promote a positive attitude towards mathematics through a range of contemporary learning and teaching strategies working both cooperatively, collaboratively and independently. We inspire a culture where mathematical skills and knowledge are robust, adaptable and transferable in a global society.

We are committed to a whole school approach of embedding the mathematical proficiencies; understanding, problem solving, fluency and reasoning, through evidence-based teaching strategies and ‘hands on’ and open-ended learning experiences.

Ongoing professional development for our teachers, both internal and external, is a priority in ensuring both mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge is continually developed.

Throughout our mathematics sessions the students are encouraged to articulate strategies used, consolidate their learning and to extend their knowledge to develop deeper understanding of concepts taught. They are immersed in differentiated experiences, based on student data, that allow each child to engage with and develop these understandings at their point of need.

The more that you read,

the more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you’ll go.

Dr Seuss