School Advisory Board

The St. Bernard's School Advisory Board was established in 2011. The board meets approximately four times a year and once every school term.

The specific responsibilities of the board are:

    1. To promote the Catholic ethos of the school, in order to strengthen religious attitudes and values in the lives of the students.

    2. To develop and promote the school as a Christian community.

    3. To provide recommendation to the parish priest and to support the principal in the development of the School Improvement Plan.

    4. To support the principal in ensuring the school provides an educational opportunity and environment with the aim of seeking all students maximise their own ability.

    5. To provide advice on the development of school policies.

    6. To provide advice on budget planning and finance-related matters.

    7. To contribute to the development of needs in school capital infrastructure and maintenance, through the development of a master plan to ensure the school's facilities are maintained and improved.

    8. Contribute to the development of strategies to promote the school to increase enrolments from within the Catholic community so that Catholic families see the school as the school of first choice.

    9. Contribute to the selection process of the school principal.

To communicate with the board please contact Emilio on 5366 5800 or email

School Advisory Board 2022

Parish Priest Fr Fabian Smith

School Principal Larissa Feketa

Staff Representitive Gaby Piriz

Parish Council Representitive Shane Cook

Parent Representitives Jane Patton (Chair)

Rob Cummins (Deputy Chair)

Sandra Ibraham (Secretary)

Liam Kiely

Joel Watson

Paul Iannazzo

Sallee Carter

P&F Representitive -

Community Members -

School Advisory Council - Terms of Reference.pdf