Student Wellbeing at St. Bernard's

St. Bernard's has a variety of practices in place to ensure student wellbeing. These include:
  • implementation of a social and emotional wellbeing program across the school (BOUNCE BACK)
  • implementation of Restorative Practices across the school
  • the use of the Assertive Discipline model across the school within a positive behaviour support structure
  • Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) to meet individual needs
  • Parent Support Group meetings (PSGs)
  • 'Seasons' program
  • Circle Time with classrooms
  • the Student Wellbeing Support Team
  • Bully register
  • psychology support services offered if required
One focus of our wellbeing practices is educating children and parents about cybersafety. Resources for use at home can be accessed from the internet at various sites. One of these sites is listed below: