Enrolment Procedure

Thank you for considering St. Bernard's as an educator for your child. If you would like to enrol please follow the steps below:
  • Parent/carer to make contact with the school. Information packs can be posted out on request. Alternatively you can download information below.
  • Parent/carer to make an appointment to meet with the school principal to discuss the details of the child’s enrolment. The enrolment application form and associated documentation to be left with the principal for processing. Please phone 03 5366 5800 to make an appointment time. A tour of the school may be conducted as part of your appointment with the principal.
  • Letter of acceptance to be sent to parent/carer by principal early in Term 4. Formal acceptance by parent/carer to take place.
The enrolment process closing day will be the last day of Term 3 for the current school year. We ask that you complete your enrolment as early as possible prior to this date.

St Bernard's Parish Primary School needs to be your closest Catholic primary school, if this is not the case, you will need to obtain a letter from your local Parish Priest for each of your closest Catholic primary schools, this letter will state that the schools closer to you are unable to accept your enrolment. 

Enrolment Info Pack